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Miracle Mist Plus

Miracle Mist PLUS is now available!

Comprehensive All-Natural First Aid & Wound Care Miracle Mist PLUS is now available at Ray’s Pharmacy! Miracle Mist PLUS can be safely used for Sunburns Fragile Skin Tears Burns, Blisters & Boils Cuts ^ Scrapes Bug Bites & Itching Diaper Rash & Cradle Cap Rashes, Poison Ivy & Poison Oak Shingles & Chicken Pox Blisters… Read More


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At Ray’s Pharmacy, service is our trademark. We are locally owned and operated since 1954, and we have multiple locations to better serve our customers. We offer counseling, educational materials, compounding, and other services to contribute to the health and wellness of every member of your family, including your pets!

Danny Ray, Owner

Danny Ray, Owner

Our Mission Statement

Ray’s Pharmacy is committed to the health and wellness of our community. We will prove our commitment through continued education, training, and by providing the necessary resources to help make health decisions easier for our customers and their families. We are dedicated to being the community resource for prescriptions, as well as other health care needs.

Full Service Pharmacy

Full Service Pharmacy

Multiple Locations

Ray’s Pharmacies are located in Mansfield (Headquarters), Kennedale, Arlington, and Hamilton. In addition our QIC (Quality In-home Care) Pharmacy located in our Mansfield building. Please Visit our FAQ section for frequently asked questions about prescriptions, transfers and other pharmacy information.