The Over the Counter Medicines You Should Stock Up on This Winter

When cold weather arrives, many people know they are going to catch some type of sickness. It may be something simple like a cold, or more serious, such as the flu. However, to ensure that you can treat any conditions that may occur this winter, make sure to stock your cabinets with the following medications.

Cold Remedies

There’s no remedy to get rid of a cold or the flu. These are the result of viruses, which means that only your immune system can fight the sickness off. However, there are a number of over the counter medicines that can help relieve the symptoms of these conditions, and it is a good idea to have them on hand throughout the winter months.

  • Nasal decongestants: These usually come in a spray and will reduce swelling in your nasal passage.
  • Oral decongestants: Sold in capsule or tablet form, and help to reduce the blood flowing to your nasal passages, reducing mucus production.
  • Inhaled decongestant: This medicine will increase the moisture in your nose and relieve pressure.

Cough Remedies

Coughing usually begins when a portion of the airway in the lungs gets irritated or blocked. This is a simple reflex that is used to remove the blockage or the irritant.

There are two primary types of cough, a dry, tickly cough and a more productive, chesty cough. You can speak with your pharmacist to determine if Lemsip or an expectorant are right for you. During the colder months, it isn’t uncommon to have a sore throat. This can often be a symptom of the flu, colds, a glandular fever or even a bacterial infection. Sore throats can be relieved with throat lozenges and antiseptic sprays.

Pain Relief

There are several medications designed to provide pain relief. If you have children, then it is best to purchase these in both adult and child formulations. Some of the pain relief medications that should be kept on hand include:

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Paracetamol

Unfortunately, when cold weather arrives, the threat of becoming ill is real. If you do become sick, you will be thankful that you have the medications listed here on-hand. Make sure to stay stocked and if you begin to run low,  replenish your stock. Doing so will help ensure that if anyone in the family gets sick, you have over-the-counter medicines on hand to make them feel better.



The Benefits of Stretching for Your Health

Stretching is extremely important for the prevention of injuries, increased range of motion and overall flexibility. Even if you don’t work out daily, you should take some time to stretch, as it is extremely important for the function of your body, as well as your overall health. When done regularly, stretching will help to increase blood flow, which delivers essential nutrients to your muscles and cartilage, and can help relax your muscles, relieving aches and pains you may otherwise have.

Some of the specific health benefits offered when you stretch on a regular basis can be found here.

Increased Energy

There are quite a few people who feel completely spent by the time midafternoon arrives. If this describes you, then you should implement a short stretch break. This will help to invigorate you much faster than going to get a coffee down the street.  In fact, just a few minutes of stretching increases the blood flow throughout your entire body, including your brain. As a result, you will feel less sluggish and be able to push through the rest of the day with renewed energy and focus.

Reduce Your Cholesterol

When you pair regular stretching sessions with a healthy diet you may see a reduction in your cholesterol. In many cases, when stretching and a healthy diet are followed over an extended period of time, it can prevent or even reverse the hardening of your arteries, which in turn helps to avoid heart disease.

Be Less Likely to Injure Yourself

While the scientific evidence behind this isn’t rock solid, the fact is, if you stretch during a warm up, you may help to get your body and your brain in “workout mode.” This won’t completely eliminate the potential of an injury, but it may help you avoid it by getting you and your muscles ready for a workout.  

As you can see, there are a number of health benefits offered by stretching. If you are not currently stretching on a regular basis, then it is a good idea to add it to your routine.


National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

Each year, November 12th is marked as National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day. This day was created to celebrate who you are, where you have gone and where you are going. While chicken soup is associated with a food you eat for comfort when you are ill or sad, it has a larger meaning now that there is a day dedicated to what it represents. Getting to know more about chicken soup and what it has to offer may inspire you to celebrate on November 12th, as well.

chicken soupCelebrating National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day 

In addition to being a comforting soup (especially your mom’s special recipe), “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is also an inspirational book collection highlighting stories of hope, perseverance and overcoming difficult times. If you want to do something to celebrate this day and yourself, consider making yourself a delicious pot of soup, or asking mom to do it for you. Take the time to be grateful for all you are and all you have done and be kind to others.

Science Proves Chicken Soup can Make You Healthier 

As mentioned before, chicken soup is a food given when you are sick. While some say this is an old wives’ tale, science doesn’t agree with this theory. According to a researcher from the University of Nebraska Medical Center,  located in Omaha, there is evidence that supports the fact that chicken soup contains a number of anti-inflammatory substances that can help prevent the miserable side effects of a cold. While it may not be a cure for illness, chicken soup is for more than just comfort – it has healing properties.

Regardless of your personal feelings about chicken soup, or the book series that has sold more than 500 million copies around the world, you have to admit there is something comforting about this food. With the National day of celebration for chicken soup coming up, now is the time to see what the fuss is all about. Be kind, indulge in soup and maybe read an inspirational story – or two Take time to enjoy your life, your family and everything you have to be grateful for.