If you have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes or have had it for sometime, you have probably learned a lot about how important maintaining good health is. You have to watch your sugars closely and you have to portion out your meals correctly. Insulin has to be measured out just right, unless you’re taking a pill to help regulate your sugar levels. Besides this, caring for your feet is also extremely important for those with diabetes.

Without routine care, your feet can succumb to some terrible things. These include but are not limited to: nerve damage, thick or yellow nails, toenail fungus, circulation problems, and even gangrene. If gangrene sets in there is a serious possibility the infection could spread and you may need to have your foot amputated at that point. This is because a diabetic’s poor blood flow won’t allow antibiotics to treat the site. Problems with feet start small with diabetics so be sure to monitor your feet everyday.

For most people, things like toenail fungus can easily be treated and will quickly heal. But for Diabetics it’s not so easy to cure. With a compromised immune system, healing takes a lot longer. Plus as your feet are healing the infection can strengthen itself if your blood sugar levels spike too high. This can undo almost the entire healing process and you will have to begin treatments all over again or continue them for a much longer time.

To properly care for your feet, make sure you wash and thoroughly dry them everyday. If you see signs of dry skin you will want to use lotion on the affected areas but be sure to avoid putting lotion in between your toes. Make sure you don’t walk anywhere barefoot either. Tiny scratches and cuts can introduce unwanted infection.