Alcoholism is an addiction and a disease.  It is a sickness that consumes its victim and everyone they love.  Millions of people suffer from alcoholism and when in its grip, it can feel like there is no hope, no way out. But that is not true. While it may not easy to get sober, while the process can be painful both emotionally and physically, the end result is nothing short of glorious. If you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism, here are some of the best treatments we have today for battling alcoholism and getting a second chance at life.

This is the most commonly used method of helping those who want to quit alcohol. Recovery involves a person getting confined to an inpatient rehabilitation center with other people who are battling alcoholism.  The alcoholic may need to go through detox.  In addition, group and individual therapy will take place. Some rehabs follow twelve step programs while others employ different methods for working through the pain and suffering living as an alcoholic has caused.

Another method used to cure alcohol addiction is by the use of prescription drugs. The reason that leads many to people drink continuously is because they suffer from alcohol withdrawal, which can lead to anxiety, depression, nausea,  uncontrollable shaking, and more. By taking prescription drugs, one can get rid of the withdrawal symptoms that make a person drink. There are also prescription drugs on the market that make an alcoholic sick if they drink so much as a drop of alcohol.  These work as a great deterrent to quit drinking.

Some doctors offer supplements that work by flushing the alcohol out of your body and blood stream. These supplements are prescribed to be taken for a particular period to make them effective and have enough time to get rid of the alcohol from your body, which helps aid in the detox process.

Long Term Follow-Up
To stay sober, a person has to continuously work at it. This means that it is important to constantly follow up with a therapist as failure to so so may lead to temptation. Therapy is crucial as it will be a guide until you are strong enough to stand on your own and be able to avoid alcohol entirely. However, for some people, going to some form of therapy, such as joining an Alcoholics Anonymous group, for the rest of their lives may be necessary to stay sober.