At Ray's Pharmacy, we are committed to providing you with medications that meet your unique health needs. Sometimes, patients require medications to be blended in a specific way. This process is referred to as compounding and it is necessary for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To change the form of a medication from a pill to a liquid, or gel.
  • To prevent an allergic reaction by removing a non-essential ingredient such as dyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol.
  • To provide a specific dosage of a particular ingredient.
  • To add flavor to a medication that is otherwise difficult for a patient to ingest.

Because no two individuals are alike, Ray’s Pharmacy specializes in creating customized medications for each individual. The “one-size-fits-all” approach is not a treatment option that we believe in. Some patients need dosages or formulations that are custom tailored to their own physiological make-ups. Others may require medications without dyes, preservatives, or other substances found in commercially produced drugs.

We specialize in flavoring medications for your children.

We can customize your pet’s medications and flavor them so you can administer their medications easier.

To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, contact us today at:

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