If you suffer from diabetes, you may dread the holidays because of all the sugar floating around. While it is okay to indulge from time to time, especially if your diabetes is under control, you still have to be careful. Some tips to help ensure you can still control your diabetes during the holiday season can be found here.

Keep the Same Schedule

If you try to overeat, attempt to catch up by skipping a meal after doing so. Even if you are on vacation and don’t have to go to work, you should still get up, eat a healthy breakfast, exercise and take any medications you need, including the ones necessary to manage your diabetes.

Blood Sugar TestingKeep a Check on Your Blood Sugar

If you are taking any type of medication or insulin to keep your blood sugar in check, make sure that you check it more often during the holidays. This is especially important before you get behind the wheel or before you adjust your insulin dose. Also, make allowances for the changes in your exercise and work schedules, in addition to when you eat.





Budget the Treats and Sweets You Eat

If you want to keep your blood sugar from increasing suddenly, then you should include any treats and sweets as part of your carb intake for the day – not in addition to it. Try to choose a salad, vegetables and meat for dinner, and then save your carbohydrates for whatever sweet treat you want to eat.

Control Your Alcohol Consumption

A moderate amount of alcohol can actually lower your blood sugar, which means you should never eat on an empty stomach. Also, get to know the nutritional impact of the drinks you plan to consume.

Utilize Mobile Tools

There are a number of mobile apps you can download on your phone to make sure you aren’t eating items that may affect your condition negatively. Also, these apps can help you figure out the amount of insulin you need after eating certain foods.

If you have diabetes, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday season where your tastebuds and stomach are concerned. However, you should take steps to make sure you don’t hurt your health by consuming too many foods that aren’t good for you. With the tips here, you can enjoy the fun and delicious food of the holidays without affecting your condition.