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QIC is Quality In-Home Care

  • Hours of Operation: M-F 9:00am-6:00pm Sat 9:00am-2:00pm
  • Phone: 817-477-2525 Fax: 817-473-4136
  • 1831 E Broad Street, Mansfield TX 76063

Assisted Living ● Memory Care ● Group Homes ● Residential Care

To Take Care of Your Patients, We Take Care of You!

Discover the Quality difference with a pharmacy partner that is dedicated to the needs of long-term care providers and their residents. Since 2006, QIC Pharmacy has been partnering with Texas communities to provide hometown customer service combined with technology dedicated to patient safety. Our customers enjoy personalized service with a Dedicated Technician and their own e-fax line. HMR and e-MAR integration is available, or we can help you go digital with e-MARs from Extended Care Professional.

Preferred Pharmacy

Your community has selected QIC Pharmacy as their preferred Pharmacy to provide you with the medications, supplies and services you need. While you always have the option of selecting your own pharmacy for these services, there are many great reasons for using the pharmacy that is preferred by your community, especially when it’s QIC, Quality In-Home Care.

Safety If you take medications prescribed by more than one physician, or even multiple medications prescribed by the same physician, there is always the possibility that an adverse drug reaction could occur. In other words, a medical problem could arise when two or more medications have been prescribed that should not be used together. The best way to avoid such problems is to have a single pharmacy provide all of your prescriptions. The pharmacist can then become familiar with your medications and can employ his or her expertise to monitor your medication use, thus limiting or preventing any problems from occurring with your unique set of medicines.

Packaging Your medications will be provided in special packaging that is uniquely designed to make managing your medications safer and easier for your care staff. QIC’s packaging helps to ensure that you receive:

1) the right medication

2) the right dose

3) at the right time.

Delivery QIC Pharmacy makes regular deliveries to your community so that you and/or a family member will not have to go to the pharmacy to wait for your prescriptions to be filled. Deliveries are planned so that you will not run out of medications.

Emergencies In the unlikely event that you have a medical emergency, it is critical that the ambulance personnel, your community staff, and the doctors at the emergency room know exactly what medications you are taking. As your preferred pharmacy, QIC makes this information readily available in your community’s records.

Billing QIC was chosen as your preferred pharmacy for many reasons, including the fact that QIC offers competitive pricing and monthly billing. You will be able to understand and manage your pharmacy costs better when you receive one bill per month from QIC for all of your medications and supplies.

Pharmacist Services QIC’s clinical pharmacist communicates regularly with your community’s care staff. This pharmacist will be familiar with all of your medications and can answer any questions that you or the care staff might have.


We are members of the TALA. See a exert below from their June newsletter with QIC winning Best Booth for 2019. Click here to see the TORCH (Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes) to see us on their list of preferred providers.

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Michelle Merchant, Director of Operations / CPhT, 817-477-2525 , michellm@rayspharmacy.com

Christi Urash, Director of Community Development, curash@rayspharmacy.com

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